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Genetic Medicines

At Chardan, we identified genetic medicines as an exemplar of disruptive innovation about 5 years ago. Since that time, we have built the leading global coverage in the space, with 35 names under coverage.

We are able to uncover the next big thing ahead of the rest of Wall Street because of our strong scientific foundation—evident in our industry-leading frameworks and weekly pieces—and our independent voice. Our influence extends beyond printed research to our hosted conferences, where we bring together the best companies, investors, and other industry innovators around the world.

Chardan’s genetic medicines practice is led by preeminent analyst Dr. Gbola Amusa, who has advised governments, NGOs, and other industry stakeholders on various healthcare policies and financial issues.

genetic medicines names under coverage

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Microbiome Medicines

The microbiome medicines space appears to be on the verge of broad emergence after years of unfulfilled promise. 2019 has the potential to be significant with numerous trial initiations and multiple important data readouts throughout the year.

Chardan is a leading investment bank in the sector, covering more microbiome medicine names (8) than any other bank globally. We host the only full day Microbiome Medicines Summit in the industry, featuring key private and public leaders in the space.

Chardan’s Microbiome Medicines research has been published in top-tier journals such as, Nature Medicine and has been featured widely in the scientific and popular press in Science, Nature Microbiology and STAT. Chardan has produced The Chardan Microbiome Medicines Landscape, a tool to segment the space and optimize investment returns.

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Disruptive Biotech

We identify and enable disruption within various segments in the biotech space. In addition to genetic medicines, our expertise spans areas such as cell therapy and regenerative medicine, immuno-oncology, vaccines, infectious diseases, hematology, lipids, ophthalmology, NASH, neurodegenerative disorders, rare diseases, and more.

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Healthcare Technologies

Medicine and technology have historically been two separate endeavors, but we are now at a point where the two have meaningfully converged. Chardan is focused on being early to identify the winners and losers, and on bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.

Digital Therapeutics

Chardan considers digital therapeutics an emerging and transformative sub-segment of the prescription therapeutics space.

It is a space we view will generate a considerable number of winners in the coming years, as we have seen in a number of our existing areas of focus: e.g. gene therapy, RNA therapy, and cell therapy.

Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics

At Chardan, we’re focused on new therapies and technologies that have the potential to transform clinical practice. This includes identifying the technologies that are enabling and supporting the development of new, patient-specific therapies that are targeted and customized.

Led by analyst Keay Nakae, a former electronic engineer who earlier in his career designed cardiac pacemakers. Over his 18-year career as an analyst, Keay has covered companies involved in cardiovascular, autoimmune, and infectious diseases, as well as oncology, ophthalmology, diabetes, cardiac and spine surgery, and aesthetics.

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