Daniil Gataulin, PhD

Dr. Daniil Gataulin is a Senior Research Analyst at Chardan covering Biotech companies with a focus on ophthalmology.

Dr. Daniil Gataulin joined Chardan in the summer of 2021 as a VP, Senior Research Associate covering Biotechnology. Prior to Chardan, he held a Senior Research Associate position at Raymond James, where he covered SMID biotech companies with the focus on neurology, hematology, and gene therapy. Prior to his role at Raymond James, Dr. Gataulin studied the mechanism of DNA repair and recombination in the laboratory of Dr. Doug Bishop at the University of Chicago, where he discovered a novel role for ATP hydrolysis by a DNA repair/recombination protein.

Dr. Gataulin holds a BS in Cell Molecular Biology from Grand Valley State University, Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology from the University of Chicago.

  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Research Coverage

    Company Name Ticker

    Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc.


    EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


    GenSight Biologics


    Kodiak Sciences Inc.


    Ocugen, Inc.


    Outlook Therapeutics




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