Chardan Equity Facility (ChEF)

The ChEF is an innovative financing solution ideal for newly public companies (i.e., de-SPACs) who want the flexibility to raise capital quickly and efficiently. It enables companies who qualify for an equity facility to raise capital on a periodic basis after becoming public, outside the context of a traditional underwritten follow-on offering.

Chardan’s transactional expertise and success raising billions of dollars for innovators worldwide over the past two decades enables us to be an ideal partner for the ChEF.

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Benefits of utilizing the ChEF include:

  • Access to Capital

    The ChEF facilitates access to capital after going public to companies that may not yet otherwise be eligible for other traditional offerings (i.e., traditional follow-on offering or ATM).

  • Cost of Capital

    Company retains future upside, less a modest discount with no lookback features.

  • Flexibility

    Exercise of the facility is fully directed by the company in both timing and quantum, subject to satisfaction of certain conditions.

  • Equitize Trading Volume

    Raise capital quickly by leveraging access to daily dollar trading volumes.

  • Risk Mitigating

    Settlement to generally occur on a T+1 basis while alternatives such as traditional follow-on offerings can be subject to several days or weeks of market risk.

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