September 21, 2018

A leader in the biotech industry, REGENXBIO is developing technologies critical to the success of innovative gene therapy products with the potential to cure a range of devastating diseases. Find out how Chardan enabled the growth of this groundbreaking platform.

A Fruitful Start

First, we helped REGENXBIO management define objectives. Together, we crafted a compelling story to share with institutional investors and venture capital funds during a two-week, Chardan-hosted roadshow. The result: a meaningfully upsized Series D financing of $70.5 million.

$70.5 million

Series D

Sole Placement Agent

May 2015

Going Public

Following the Crossover round financing, Chardan facilitated the formation of the IPO syndicate and through the assisted the book runners in the successful $159.4 million IPO.

$159.4 million



September 2015

Post-IPO Follow-Through

Chardan continued to support the company through marketing activities—including European and US roadshows, leadership calls, and KOL events—and acted as a co-manager on their first follow-on.

$87.2 million



March 2017

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